Sunday, March 27, 2011

Data Check: Obama Approval Rating is at 46%

Obama Approval Rating is at 46%, Rassmussen, 49% Fox, 51% CNN
Politico says Huckabee is front runner
National Journal says Romney is.
Congress pissed off that Obama did not ask for approval on Libya missile attacks.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Political zeitgeist 3/20/2011

Right now the political situation for the 2012 presidential election looks wide open. That said, here are some notable observations at this point in time.
* The tea party looks to be fragmenting the republicans. We a here at the point where we have just signed another 3 week CR to keep the govt running, and the House freshmen want more cuts, while boehner worries it may be too much.
* the President looks prudent in the face of Tunisia Egypt and Libya.
* no front runner has appeared on the GOP side, and only one candidate has even declared: Herman Cain.
* obama's weaknesses appear to be weakness on supporting the revolutions in Africa soon enough, and letting the congress drive the budget discussions.
* a govt shutdown does not seem likely at this point.