Tuesday, March 9, 2010

RSA Show And What It Says About….

As previously mentioned, LogLogic enjoyed huge success at RSA last week, and really enjoyed introducing our customers to our Nerd Herd over beers. As the Chief Marketing guy at LogLogic,  its interesting to me the casual way in which vendors treat their brand image. I had a chance to walk the floor and assess their self-inflicted damage.”

In some ways, tradeshows like this have not changed. I have been apart of the JavaOne show since the beginning back in 1997. The RSA crowd is a bit different…namely more suits and better hygiene.  You can always tell how the economy was doing by what kind of giveaways are on the show floor. Here are my best and worst for 2010.

Hand Sanitizer? Really?

I did notice that a bunch of people had hand sanitizer. Really? Does this really send the right message? To Whom? Howard Hughes?


(sorry for the picture quality….its from my blackberry).

For Cutesiness, this injection-molded safe was pretty interesting, if a bit dated in a 19th century kind of way:


The Cell Phone stand was cool, but it did not fit my Blackberry:


The Winner: Giveaway Of The Year: RSA 2010

But the winner (for me at least) is the N-in-one tape measure/level/pencil/notepad thingy from a company called Howard:


The type of booth also has a lot to say about the economy, and what the company wants to portray. Some companies have WAY TO MUCH money and were giving it out by the barrel full. Some were trying to get attention my showing you picture of PhotoShopped mutants.

Meet The Beetles

But my favorite, and most cringe inducing was the secure laptop crawling with *live* African beetles. I am not making this up:


They got my attention, but I am not sure this was the best way to do it.

If this is the type of show that is being put on these days, then it appears the economy is on its way to a recovery.

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